Welcome to My New Roots!

There has never been a more critical time to take charge of our own health. The more we learn about nutrition, the better prepared we will be to take an active role. And while the interest in personal health is certainly on the rise, we are bombarded on a daily basis with misinformation about what is healthy, supportive and beneficial to our bodies. Who can we trust to give us clear and honest answers about our health? A natural foods diet is the key to good health and life-long wellbeing, but how do we put this information into practice?
The purpose of this blog is to educate and inspire you about health and well being from a non-biased perspective. As a Holistic Nutritionist I am constantly exploring, creating and learning about new foods and products that are healthy for the body and the environment. I want to share these discoveries with you. I encourage you to visit My New Roots to ask questions, share ideas, find inspiration and steal a recipe or two. You can make small changes in your days to create big changes in your life. Spread the word and let your new roots grow.

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