I sure love me some books. After many delightful emails from you curious readers asking me about my favorite reads on nutrition, cooking, healthy living and the like, I have finally decided to begin a library catalogue! For now, it’s a relatively small collection of my favorites, which I know will grow with time and your suggestions. Please send me your favorite titles too – I am always hungry for new material. Together we can create a space with the best and most honest health resources out there!
You will find the My New Roots Library link in the sidebar under my profile picture.

The other very exciting piece of news I want to share is that the incredible cookbook, Earthly and Divine, written by my friend and colleague, Eva Cabaca, (and designed by yours truly) is finally in print and available for purchase! It was truly an honor to be a part of such an inspiring project – this book is the lifework of someone so dedicated to holistic health and wellness, it blows my mind! Her recipes and methods are sincerely on another plane of consciousness, in addition to her in-depth nutritional knowledge, thought-provoking insights on health, and pure, vibrant love! Eva has had a profound influence on me and the way I look at food and cooking, inspiring me to always strive for greatness in my own kitchen. I know that Earthly and Divine will do the same for everyone who reads it. Of course, you can find it in the Library. And Eva has generously put a download-able PDF preview on her site – follow this link!

I hope that you all find the books and films in the My New Roots Library both informative and inspiring, as you educate yourself on the path to wellness!

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